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As it turns out, properly engineered HVHZ products installed in your home or business offer far more benefits than simply protecting against hurricanes. Hurricane doors & windows offer greater protection against intruders, lower energy costs due to better thermal values, lower insurance cost and offer superior insulation against outside noise. There is also the piece of mind that comes from knowing that your family and your belongings are safe and secure inside a structurally reinforced shell of protection. Acacia Supply’s extensive product knowledge also means that you will not only get the right product for your application, you will receive expert installation as well. This ensures that your products perform up to the rigorous standards of Miami Dade and the Florida Building Code. Our experienced design professionals can also help you find the products that meet your personal design needs. With Acacia Supply, you can have the performance you need AND the look that you desire.

The History of Hurricane Products in the USA

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida with a ferocity that was unparalleled in modern times. We simply had not seen a hurricane of this magnitude in Florida as far back and anyone could remember. The residents and the buildings in South Florida were not prepared. The Category 5 storm caused tremendous personal and property damage, killing dozens of people and leaving behind $26.5 billion in property damage. Over 700,000 people were evacuated and many returned to find that the property and belongings they left behind were no more! There were approximately 28,000 homes destroyed and over 80,000 businesses that were damaged or destroyed.

Through the process of recovering from this devastating event, it became apparent that the damage could have been significantly lessened if the homes and building were better able to withstand the high winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes. Over the past 30 years since the storm, building material manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop products that are desirable to consumers while still being able to maintain the integrity of the building envelope in a windstorm. This evolution, driven by Miami Dade and Florida building codes, has reached far beyond Florida into other coastal states and the Caribbean. The Florida Building Codes is now the standard for building exterior construction in the Bahamas and several other coastal and island-countries throughout the Tropical Atlantic region.

The staff at Acacia Supply has been supplying and installing hurricane doors & windows in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ’s) since the beginning. We have extensive knowledge in the proper selection and installation of HVHZ approved doors & windows. Our customers can have confidence that the HVHZ products provided by Acacia Supply are of the highest quality and are properly engineered for each application.